Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”


TESTIMONY of Aaron Kittrell😴💤

Two weeks ago, I joined CROWNS OF FAITH. But before I joined, I had a dream: In this dream, I was walking down a street. It was dark and had trees everywhere. As I continued to walk, I saw something white in the distance. As it got closer, I saw that it was a horse...a white horse! I wasn't afraid. But it got closer, until, finally, it came to me and just stared me in the face! A few days after the dream, I received a friend request from a gentleman named Jonathan Nettles. I viewed his page and accepted his request. Then I joined the CROWNS OF FAITH group. Only to discover that the dream I had was about him, Jonathan, the man of God. And God does speak through him! On a more personal note, I had been going through so much before I ever knew Jonathan. I read the Bible myself, and still am reading it. I started from Genesis. Now I'm in Psalms. I'm not saying brother Jonathan is Jesus, but God does speak through him! I hope this testimony is a blessing to someone. I Hope that you, too, continue to grow stronger in the LORD!

Be encouraged, God bless