Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”


TESTIMONY of Barbara Hargrove👨‍🎓

This is one of many testimonies that Glorifies God as He visibly moves in my life and the lives of others...A young man and his family (wife & children) just moved from Georgia to Virginia and joined our ministry because he had a dream and I was in the dream...The young man could not see my face, he could only see the braids in my hair...This young man believed that God was drawing him here to Virginia for him & his wife to be taught and trained for the work of the ministry...My TESTIMONY: Before I served my spiritual mother, throughout 2008, I had several dreams about her and at the same time kept being drawn to a ministry around the corner from where I lived (I was serving at a different ministry at the time)...In all the dreams, I could never see my spiritual mothers face. I could only see her body form...In March of 2009, God moved us into the ministry I kept being drawn to. The first time I saw my spiritual mother her voice was raised like a trumpet and she said, "Prophet come to the front, God said ordain you under my mantle immediately and teach, train & equip you..." I served my spiritual mother for 6 years until God took her off of the earth...Now, that which God used her to impart into me, I am imparting into others...