Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”


TESTIMONY of Barbara Kuks😢

The Lord just put in my heart to share a part of my testimony that I hope and pray will give hope to many. I was brought up in a mainstream church, went to Sunday school and confirmation class as a child. But they did not teach about salvation or about the needs to be born again through Jesus Christ. I led a life far from God and the church in my teens and 20's. I experimented with alcohol, drugs and promiscuity. I was never addicted but neither was I content or happy. After I had my daughter, the Lord started to speak to me about going back to church for my daughters sake. I was obedient and started to attend. One church taught the Gospel clearly and I was convicted but was a process until I was saved. I had experienced periods of depression over the years that led me into deep feelings of self condemnation. Even after I was saved, I finally was diagnosed with clinical depression and was put on Prozac. I never accepted that the condition was permanent and the Lord used it to bring up some terrible things from my past that happened, including rape and an abortion. As I grew in my understanding and love of the Lord, healing took place. One day as I was about to take my meds, the Lord spoke to me. He said "You will never need those again!" His voice was so clear and unmistakable! I did not take anymore and was healed of depression instantly! No side effects, no more depressive episodes! It's been over 16 years now. I praise the Lord, everyday, for my new life and my deliverance.