TESTIMONY of Danny Peavy 👓

I am testifying that GOD (JESUS) lives, and that HE promises us forgiveness for our sins, Amen!

I am near the end of life now. And I lived a tumultuous life! Drunkenness, lies, stole, cheated, and back biter. I will never understand how I lived most of my life like I did. I hurt all who loved me. Most are dead now…Mom, dad, brother…..They loved me. And I hurt them with my many failures! I cheated on my first two wives. Now I have 27 wonderful years with Teresa! And will not be anyone else. I do drink a beer now. Only a few times a year. Never thought I’d drink one beer or two beers and not have more. Many changes! Never look at a woman again the way I did while younger…. How foolish I was to be so shallow as to consider a woman for carnal animal needs only, instead of as a loving partner that becomes more than the total of all that I am! My beliefs in GOD (JESUS) were superficial at best, most my life. HE gave me everything. And I gave back to HIM nothing. My life should have ended countless times in the past...But I now know HE kept me alive so that I finally can come to HIM on my knees begging forgiveness. I know now HE is our Savior, and HE gives every single thing we have or do! How could I have missed it all my life? I’m so sorry for the sadness and pain I caused my wonderful mom, dad, brother, first two wives and friends...I have let all of you down…I wlll never forgive myself for being so stupid as to throw away the only things that matter: love and respect! As told us in the Holy Bible, HE has forgiven me all sins and wrongs I have done. And HE still loves me! I won’t let HIM down again. And I will read my Holy Bible, love HIM and continue to pray to HIM the remainder of my life. I am soo fortunate to be surrounded by a loving wife and step children...GOD (JESUS) and family are the only real things in life that matter. I thank YOU my LORD, GOD, for such patience and lovingkindness that YOU give to each of us! And for the chance to always begin life new. I only want to live out the remaining few days or months or years that I have left by being kind and loving towards all whom I come into contact with. My testimony here is not much. But I guess the first 65 years are the same as for all others who lived lost and walking the road to destruction and misery as I have. It's best I speak of the past 2 years or so that I have become a completely changed person! I don’t need to bore anyone with my dumb empty shell of a life I lived, before. May as well just speak of my current life, and my plans with what life I have left. All that is important to me is to pray daily and try to follow what HE wants me to follow. Only HE and family matters...I am nothing. And prepared to return to the nothingness from which I came, Amen! Thank YOU, GOD, and may HE bless us all, Amen! Besides, should I get to speaking of all things in my first part of life, 99% chance I’m gonna come out the “poor, mis-understood, wonderful guy,”...Yeah…But that would be a lie! Thank you.




Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”