TESTIMONY of Delamarch Morris💋


BEWARE of some of these religious VULTURES and blood-sucking VIPERS who call themselves spiritual fathers & mothers! Judge them by their FRUIT. And make sure you SEE the WEIGHT of God's GLORY on them and around them! Don't allow yourself to be spiritually blindfolded by their charismatic behavior! I stopped by to talk to the YOUNG believers who are ZEALOUS for God and the things of God! WATCH OUT for these religious pimps who call themselves spiritual fathers and mothers, who claim they want to HELP you get into your destiny. The only thing they want to get into is your draws and pimp your spiritual gifts! I had MY OWN ENCOUNTER with one who called himself my spiritual father! In my younger stage of ministry, I had this bishop to tell me that God sent him to be my spiritual father; that God wanted to use me mightily; and that God wants him to mentor me and help me to be all that God wanted me to be. I trusted this man. I believed in this man of God. Until he began to make moves on me! Right in church, in his office when I went to see him. Thinking the man was interested in the CALL and ANOINTING on my life. Come to find out, he was only interested in what was between my legs (MY COOKIE JAR)! And In order for me to get on the top shelf, I would have to open my cookie jar to him and let him have my cookie! I was so zealous for God and wanted to be a youth pastor so bad. Not for the title, but for the access and authority that comes with it! I wanted to help young people. And I knew I could do more if I held that position! To make a long story short, I knew what he wanted and I knew exactly what he was saying to me! In order for him to ordain me and propel me into that position, I had to give up my cookie to him! And, so, I went into his office, Thursday evening, with the intention to give up my cookie! We started to kiss and caress, and then I proceed to take his penis out and put it in me! Right then and there, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, "Delamarch if you touch that penis and put in you, you will be disgraced and you will die!"I later found out it would've been a spiritual death. Anyways, I proceeded to get out of his grasp and he now began to wrestle with me trying to force me! I don't know what came over me but, I gave that man one box, ran for my life out of his office and out of his church! And I never look back! 4 years later I was ordained a youth pastor by a true apostle of God! What's my point or what's the moral of me sharing this? I'm glad you asked. Be very careful of these men and women who call themselves spiritual mothers and fathers! They prey on the young, zealous believers. Because most of us are suffering from ATTENTION disorder. Why? Because we didn't get any attention from our biological mothers and fathers. And, so, we will fasten ourselves to these blood-sucking vipers who say they want to raise you up and propel you into your destiny! But, for me, the only thing my spiritual father wanted to raise up was his penis to propel it into my vagina! Not to mention how he use to prostitute my spiritual gifts to build up his own kingdom. Because God's Kingdom was not part of his plans! He had his own kingdom in view. These spiritual fathers and mothers will flatter you with their charisma and enticing words. Telling you how much potential you have and how much they want to help you get into your destiny. But instead of building you up, they break you down spiritually. And then build you back up for themselves! Now, you are submissive to them and not God. You listen to them and not God. They convince you that you cannot get into your destiny without them. And, now, you become a prisoner to their ministry! Afraid to leave and do the call of God on your life, because you are now dependant on them instead of God!

Listen here, it's a lie from the pit of HELL to derail and destroy you!




Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”