TESTIMONY of Pastor Craig Hall💉

I was called into Ministry at age 8. By my early teenage years, I started a lifestyle in Rebellion. Because of pain! In 7th grade, I tried marijuana. That's when Satan got a hold of me! I wanted a greater HIGH, so I started drinking. Then I started the hard drugs: LSD, speed...and crank got me really bad! I started my life of drugs, sex and rock & roll. I gave it all for the devil! But during the whole time, God kept chasing me. In order to keep this short, by the time I was 30, my life consisted of taking around 20 hits of speed a day, then drinking a case of Budweiser! My last few years, it started with cocaine and ended with crack cocaine. I was fully taken captive! Now I wanted to quit these things, but I wasn't able to. At age 33, end of March, a voice came to me in my living room. I had just got done spending the weekend free basing. The voice was the Lord! And this is what He said, "I have called you to preach my Word! If you don't come to me now, I will not deal with you any longer!" I knew then that His Spirit would not strive with me again. It scared the hell right out of me! And that very moment, I said YES to JESUS! I was delivered from all of that. Even though I wasn't a drug addict or alcoholic any longer, I was tossed Into the fire, God's FIRE, to learn of Him and to learn His Word. My mission in life is to be placed 3 feet in front of HELL to reach out into the fire and grab all the souls that I can! I knew when God showed up in my life, I was a heartbeat away from HELL, literally. I owe Christ everything. My life was drunk sex and rock & roll. Now, it's Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Hallelujah!




Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”