TESTIMONY of Ruth Aileen Tobiassen ๐Ÿ’’

My name is Ruth Aileen Tobiassen. My mom has always called me Aileen...So, my friends and family call me Aileen. I was born and raised in a Nazarene Church in Norwalk, Ct. I was a very happy child. I sang in front of Church by myself with my guitar. I had many friends. I was mom and dad's favorite. My dad bought my mom a brand new Volvo...She totalled it by hitting a telephone pole with me in the car. My dad started to beat my mom. My dad sent our puppy to the humane society. My dad physically abused me also. I got very depressed. Stopped eating. I stayed in my bed with no food only diet soda until I finally got help and went to Yale New Haven Hospital weighing only 48 pounds at 10 years old. After a couple months, I gained weight but I was still depressed. I became a loner. Obsessed with food and exercise. Then...I turned to men, drugs and alcohol! I always prayed to the Lord to help me to feel happiness again. It wasn't until I gave up family, friends ,drugs, alcohol and men (everything) that the Lord healed me and set me free, once again. It took many years of depression and bondage. I am delivered and FREE! Now all my dreams are coming true. Thank You Lord!!!




Revelation 6:2

โ€‹โ€œFaith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?โ€