The events of my life would have killed me a long time ago--if it had not been for NOBODY but God! I was born in Louisiana. My mother signed over her parental rights to my grandparents when I was age 5. As far as I can remember, I was a lonely child growing up believing no one wanted or truly cared for me. As a result, feelings of rejection caused me to be a very angry and a rebellious little girl! Ultimately, I would reach the point of a vicious life--always in trouble with no respect for authority. At the age of 13, I started drinking beer. At the age of 18, I married my High School sweetheart. Together we conceived two children. Our marriage ended when I found out that he was not interested in me, but men! This devastating reality sent my life spiraling down. Turning up the volume on my drinking would become my "happy", starting with trying liquor of any kind, especially "GIN". Eventually, smoking marijuana and cigarettes would be my way of calm and relaxation. My life revolved around partying, sex, drugs and unruly behavior. Consequently, my partying would usually end up with me in a violent rage and or fist fights! My uncontrolled behavior led to dangerous situations where I could have been dead or in prison. I have been betrayed and misused. I've even been a victim of domestic violence, and I have also been sexually assaulted on more than one occasion. While in my 30's, dysfunction became the norm. Life was taking a toll and I suffered with anxiety fear, worry and severe depression. I had no peace, and I experienced haunting dreams of terror and torture! Morning after morning, I would wake up feeling as if I had been beaten (body sore and achy). However, I knew about God all of my life. I had a praying grandfather, so I would always talk to God. One day while being confined to my bed, I began to reevaluate my life. I thought if I died there would be no legacy left for my children. Their father had died of HIV/AIDS, and until now there had been no structured or guidance for my children. Until one day while having a crying spell, I just began to cry out to the Lord asking Him for HELP and about my purpose in life! In that moment, the tears dried up and there was no more pain in my body. For the first time in my life, I had experienced God personally--A MIRACLE! My health started to improve as my BP started to stabilize. But the thing that laid dormant was anger and resentment. Harboring hate and frustration triggered my outbursts and fits of rage! Occasionally, I was still drinking and smoking marijuana. But, my hunger for God's Word kept me from falling back. I would read my Bible for hours into the late night . Then, it happened again. This time while I was asleep, I heard a still voice saying, "TODAY, GO TO CHURCH". My eyes popped open! "What?" Again, "GO TO CHURCH". And so, there I went. To be brief, what happened to me still amazes me today! Eventually, I was literally consumed by God's glorious light and by His divine embrace--I received Christ as my Lord and Savior! It was an AMAZING experience! My heart cried out for Jesus to cleanse me and make me brand new--and it was then I received the Holy Spirit. I knew that my life would never be the same. Today I am FREE from ALL that once held me bound! And no longer do I take blood pressure medications. Hallelujah! Jesus changed me. I have a totally different outlook on life, because my mind has been renewed. I walk in love, peace and humility. I don't care about anyone rejecting me, because Jesus has approved me! Glory, Hallelujah! I am motivated each day I awake, because God's grace and mercy allows me to breathe. I know He is still working in me, and by that I earnestly seek to please Him. I live to serve for advancing the Kingdom; always willing to learn in keeping godly relationships, so that I may be equipped for the journey. Even though my life still isn't perfect, knowing Christ allows me to live in His perfect will, and in Him I cannot fail. AMEN




Revelation 6:2

โ€‹โ€œFaith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?โ€