Revelation 6:2

“Faith can move mountains.

So why are you stumbling on a little rock?”


TESTIMONY of Tanesha Jackson

I wanted to pick up where I left off with my testimony months ago. I left off with the death of my son, his father, and finding out about having cervical cancer at age 19. The day I was returning from getting the info about cancer, my car caught on fire under the hood. I already knew why that happened with my car. It was because I obtained the car by setting up a fake robbery at my job, but I had the money. At 19, and not knowing the Lord, you can get caught up in criminal activity. I ended up having to get the cancer removed from my body. Still not being saved, I was introduced to my 23 year old son’s father. That didn't work out. He was shot after confronting a man about me. He was cheating, which ended that hook up. I then met my mom's boss who became my husband. I married him to help him get a green card. He became very abusive. He pulled a gun on me and was physically, emotionally abusive, etc. He even hung my 1 year old son out the window and threatened to drop him during an argument! We lived upstairs at that time. During this "fake marriage" that lasted 6 years, I had an affair and conceived my 17 year old daughter. That ended the marriage, but not before I went to jail twice for finally defending myself from my abusive husband. I was only 26 years old by that point. I was working at a mental health hospital and had to make up my mind what was best. One night at work, I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with my 17 year old. So I left the marriage. I knew it wasn't my spouse's child! Finally she was born and accepted by my family, her dad and his sister. I got saved very shortly after that. Jesus was introduced to me on Easter, and I accepted Him. My bishop at the time was talking about a woman knowing her "value, worth, and purpose". That message hit home. God then instructed me to give up anything I shared with my husband and to trust Him. I started going to a trade school later where I met my present husband. I was living in a hotel since God had said to give up everything. I was led exactly to where God wanted me to be. A young woman and her two sons were in the hotel to the left of me. I visited her and all of the containers she had stacked up God told me to tell her get rid of 2 of them. And there were items in there she had been using to practice Buddhism! That scared her and me because I was clueless what was in those containers. I invited her and her two sons to church where they were baptized and gave their life to Christ! I got a phone call one day that my great grandmother who had taken me in earlier had died. It was weird, because the next day I saw a cousin walking up who had been missing for 6 months! Her hotel was to my right. That was no coincidence. I told her about her grandmother dying and let her use my phone so she could call her dad. That went well. And they were going to get together when he came back from out of state burying his mom. About 5 days later, I got a message that my uncle, her dad, had died on his knees next to his bed in a praying position!
I will give the rest of my testimony, soon. God bless.